Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I can scarcely believe we live in a world without Dennis Hopper now. Not that he had any deep personal significance to me (though I enjoyed Easy Rider and whatever else I'd seen him in) but it seemed to me like he was some kind of force of nature, like he always existed and always would. People age and die. Brando and Newman are gone; Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine won't live forever, but Dennis Hopper seemed timeless in some way. Rest in peace, mr. Hopper.


Catalina said...

Nice tribute to mr Hopper. And I so much get you that he felt timeless. I thought so too.

fridaswork said...

fint skrivet.
han var min ende son även om det bara var på film. :')

Fredrik Sibe said...

Thanx Cat!

Frida, tog lite tid innan jag lyckades klura ut vad din kommentar betydde... Visste inte om Choke förrän nu. Underligt sammanträffande.