Friday, September 24, 2010

Pinin' for the fjords?!?

Hey there. I just noticed today that Blogspot has a statistics feature now. I can keep track of how many hits per day I get, and what search terms have brought me visitors, that kind of thing. I've missed this function ever since I started this blog, and it surprised me a bit that there wasn't even a "new function" blurb or anything to make me aware of it. I'm reasonably sure I'm not dense enough to just not notice this for three years, so I guess it's brand new.

So that is partly why I'm writing this... I found out that I have a lot more readers than I thought! Therefore, I just thought I'd drop a quick note about what's going on. For those of you visiting more or less frequently, I haven't abandoned this blog. Life has been pulling me in about two dozen different directions lately, and blogging has been low on my list of priorities. But this blog is not dead, it's just resting. It's "pining for the fjords," to quote Monty Python.

Hopefully, I'll get my life in working order again soon, and post some new artwork up here. From what I can tell, the "Artists I Like" articles and the Scott Pilgrim review seem to be pretty popular posts, so there's going to be more of that kind of thing too.

So thank you for stopping by, dear readers! Your continuing patronage means a lot to me, so drive safely and please come back soon!

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Raz said...

The masses demands it. Give us our opium!